Taking the plunge.

It’s a funny thing taking risks. I’ve always been known to veer on the “safe” side of things, finding solace in organizational lists, planning my life months out in advance, and always knowing exactly where I was headed.

After 25 years, I have finally decided to just let go and let be.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, a lot of planning went into getting to the place where we’re at now. But we also didn’t end up half-way across the country without a little faith, flexibility…and, you got it, risk.

Half-way across the country would be in Chicago, Illinois. Approximately 1,179 miles from our home of Austin, Texas. “We” would refer to BK, my favorite person in the world. So, 75 days after saying “I Do”, we packed up our world in Texas and set off for the great Midwest.

For months, BK and I had been planning a move and upon closing in on our wedding date we decided Chicago would be the best fit for both of us. We were calling it an adventure, and we got plenty of questions from friends and family asking us about our plans. To be honest, the only plan we had was to move. Nervous would be a total understatement, and somewhere around mid-July I tried to chicken out. B wouldn’t let me.

Somehow the pieces fell together with B joining the business school at DePaul University and me finding my dream job. Securing a place to live was stressful in a large city and we learned many lessons along the way. But we are now happily moved into our new home in Lincoln Park.

I recently graduated from University of Texas with my Masters in Advertising (HOOK ‘EM!), and now happily work as a Copywriter in the creative department of an advertising agency in downtown Chicago. This blog was a idea curated from family back home asking for updates and a office full of midwesterners thinking it would be funny for a Texas girl to blog her way through her first Chicago winter.

More to come on life as a newlywed, this wonderful city, and everyday joy….So happy you’re here!



About WLK

Southern girl. Newlywed. Recent Chicago transplant trying to figure out snow boots and parkas, public transportation, and life in Lincoln Park.
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